Welcome to my portfolio

This first section is some of my favourite logos I have worked on over the past few years

Ashwod Studios

A sound engineers studio branding from Kildare

The Blue Project

A German based Irish music band


A London based ceilidh band

Celtic Harmony

A wedding band from Clonlara, Co Clare

City Nook

An apartment rental business from Hungry

Connolly Music

An uilleann piper from Galway

Dave Williams Weekend

Memorial music weekend for a english uilleann pipe maker

Fire Cat

A London based traditional Irish band

Geopathic Stress

Promoting the awareness of geopathic stress lines

Harriet Earis

harper from Aberystwyth, Wales

The London Uilleann Pipes Club

Designed to promote the club in London


A contempory harp and uilleann pipes duet


A young London based trad band

Nóinín Herbal Products

Home grown hebal remedies

Connolly Loft and Extensions Specialist

Building firm based in Luton

Ornate Timber

An online company selling decorative wooden products

CD Cover design

Here you can see some of my favourite cd covers I have designed over the years

The Blue Project

The debut album'Blue' designed as a four page booket with the old style cd jewel case

Harriet Earis - Jumping Ahead

Harriet Earis debut ablum was an 18 page booklet with transparent jewel case

West London School of Music

Marion Gill's west London school of music. This was a double cd jewel case

Emily Spiers - The Half-Moon Lovers

A singer from England with her debut solo album of traditional songs. 15oagebboket with transparent jewel case

The Harriet Earis Jazz Trio

A trad and jazz fusion album on harp drums and double bass. This was a two panel fold out digi pack

Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer - Scatter Pipes

This was Vicki and jonnys 4th album. A very well known duo on the U.K circuit

Jerry Hayes - Reminiscing

An album of traditional Irish songs

Dave Boden and Dave Spiers - Beer and Black Pudding

An english multi - instrumentalist duo

Mise - Firefly

A young London based band

Website Graphic Design

Here is a collection of some of my favourite web graphic design from the past few years

Ceili Max

A vibant young London based ceilidh band

Connolly Loft and Extension Specialist

Building firm based in Luton

Harriet Earis - Proffessional Harper

This is an old style webiste all designed in html updated with css style sheets from the original

Dave Williams Weekend

This was in aid of the one year memorial weekend for Dave Williams the english uilleann pipes maker

Shona Kipling and Damien O'Kane

A banjo and piano accordion duo

CrossCurrent - Irish Band

A young North East England based traditional Irish music group

Connolly Music

A galway based musician playing uilleann pipes, flute and low whislte

City Nook

A rental accommodation in Hungry

The Blue Project

A German based tradational Irish music band